UK to Ireland removal costs

How much does it cost to move to Ireland?

Monday, 3rd April 2023

Cost of moving to Ireland from the UK

In this section We will provide you with knowledge about prices and costing when moving too and from Ireland. There are different factors which affect the cost of moving to Ireland in this section we will look at the varying costs and the factors.

lucky enough when moving from the UK to Ireland or Ireland to the UK it is far cheaper than if you are moving to somewhere else in Europe and especially if you are moving to a different continent. But even still you need be extremely careful when choosing your removal company. The cost of living in Ireland can be far cheaper than most of the UK so you will more than likely get your money back that you spent on moving.

When moving from the UK to Ireland you need to be careful you don’t pay too much, prices can become very expensive when moving across water. I would look for A BAR removal company to make sure you are getting a fair and reasonable price.

How much does it cost to move to Ireland

When moving to Ireland from the UK prices may range anywhere from £200 to £7000.

1 bed property £700-1500
2 bed property £1200-£2200 These prices are rough and may vary greatly depending on an abundance of factors.
3 bed property £2000-£3200
4 bed property £2800-£4500
5 bed property £4000- £5000

Factors that affect cost of moving to and from Ireland

There are a number of factors that all can have huge impact on the price when moving house.

The first factor is volume this will be the main factor in your removal. The higher the volume the more expensive your removal will be. Removal company’s have fixed costs to cover so the lower the volume the more you will pay per cubic foot because these fixed costs haver to be passed to the customer, It is the same for every removal company in the UK and Ireland. If you only have a 100 cubic feet your rate will be far higher than someone with a 1000 cubic feet as you will be dealing with up front costs regardless of your volume. for 100 cubic feet depending on other factors listed you are looking around £500 as a rough price.

Another factor that affects cost of moving is access to the property, If there is poor access it can increase the costs drastically. Often times we do jobs and they take an extra day or two days to do a move because we can’t get one of our vans or lorries anywhere near the door. Time added may also be caused by stairs, Stairs are a removal mans worst nightmare! If your consignment is going to a tenth floor apartment with no lift it is drastically going to increase the costs associated with your move and we will have to pass these costs on to you.

Does you move need any special wrap, packing, dismantling or reassembly?
we will offer various packing services such as our fragile pack service or our VIP packing service. Usually if a customer has high value items we will look at options and decide what is the best decision is to make sure your house hold contents and personal affects are as protected as they can be. if you have beds that need dismantled and reassembled it can also affect the price especially if you have a bed that is extremely confusing to assemble. If there are any larger items that need extra men to move this may also increase the price of your move.

Where are you moving to in Ireland?
This can also affect the cost massively it may increase the cost or decrease the cost. If we have traffic going to a certain area we may be able to give you a cheaper rate as a part load service, if you are moving to the outskirts of a certain area this may increase the costs as there will be more travel time involved and it will be unlikely that we will have any other traffic going to that area.

These are the main factors to that will the cost of moving to Ireland from the UK.

The hidden factor that affects how much it costs to move to Ireland
When you enquire a key factor that removal companies typically won’t mention. If there already is traffic going to a certain area when you enquire you could be in for a bargain. That is why we offer competitive rates because we offer a weekly service to and from the UK which means we always have traffic so we can offer far more competitive rates. A problem that often comes from part load removals services to Ireland is the time it takes for your personal effects and house hold contents to reach your destination. Some movers will offer a weekly service but for small consignments they often can take time. Your only protection against this is to use a more professional mover with a proven track record. Us at browns removals can protect you from this and give you an honest indication of when your effects will be delivered. Most of our moves are picked up one week and delivered the following or by the end of the collection week.

Beware of prices to good to be true

Sometimes when we speak to customers they tell us prices that are extremely cheap that would cost us money if we moved items at these low end prices. These prices often come from some joe bloggs with a van. He will throw your items in the back after he’s finished doing whatever wheeling and dealing he was doing in the first place for a slight bit of extra cash on his way home from the UK. While we hear about these prices we also hear the horror stories that come with them, if you choose when of these cheaper options please really look into whos doing it and what you are getting yourself into!! I doubt these guys offer insurance too. If you choose us to do your move you can rest assured knowing it is a professional company certified by the BAR with over 100 years of experience.

How can you save money when moving to Ireland?

The first tip we would offer is give plenty of notice for us to move you if we are rushing last minute to get you in your new home, you may incur have extra costs involved such as removal porter hire or haulage costs.

You can also reduce your volume if you look at all your items and ask yourself do I really need this? you can reduce your volume exceptionally. Also certain items of furniture aren’t worth taking if you have a chipboard cupboard chances it’ll be cheaper to dump it and get a new one instead of taking up space.

if you are packing yourself you can save a good chunk of money packing can take a lot of time which can cause a large bill. If you are packing you should use as little boxes as possible to keep the volume down as mentioned in the previous point. You can use less boxes by using clothes and cushions for packing materials and packing tight. But keep in mind boxes need to be light enough for 1 man to lift so don’t pack them too heavy, They will be bad for transportation and crumble on top of one and other when stacked.